Start A SEO Strategy

How To Start A SEO Marketing Strategy For Your Business

By now we all know what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is, how it functions and the many ways it can benefit a business of any size. But how do you start implementing SEO strategies to promote your website? The following steps will get you started in the right direction:
1. Start A Blog
Add a blog to your website and start writing. You should add a new blog post at least once a day. The post should be no shorter than 100 and words and no longer than 300 words. Make sure that the information that your are blogging about is relevant to your business, products, and services.
2. Add Articles
Articles are longer blog posts in a more professional tone that include keywords or phrases that are integral to your business. Articles should be between 300 and 500 words and should also be relevant to your business. You should integrate internal and external links into your articles that direct readers to your web pages or other relevant websites.
Each article must be unique, and you should never plagiarize or use content that already exists on the web. A search engine will simply disregard duplicate articles.
You can find other sites on the web where you can post your articles to maximize your exposure with an SEO consultant for something like social media.
3. Add Images
You should add images to both your blog posts and article submissions. Images aren’t only visually stimulating for your readers but also contain tags and meta data that search engines use to locate specific words related to a browser’s search criteria.
You can add unique images from photo’s that you have taken or source them from some websites that provide stock images at a nominal fee or free of charge. It is important to ensure that the images you source are for commercial use and that there is no copyright attached.
If you use your images, you will need to add tags and meta-data. You can change the tags on stock images to suit your needs and be more relevant to the article or blog post that you have written like OMGWDE – online marketing.
4. Editing And Proofing
It is essential to spell-check and proofread your blogs and articles before publishing them on your website. Articles that contain spelling or grammar errors can tarnish the perception of the quality of product or service that you can deliver. It is best to read the content aloud to determine whether you are getting your point across in a manner that is easy to understand.
5. Hire A SEO Consultant
As soon as your SEO strategy starts turning a profit, you should budget for professional SEO services from someone like the guy at You can start small by just paying for quality articles and blogs to be added to your website on a regular basis. Once you have more funds available, it is highly advisable to find an SEO consultant who can provide you with a more comprehensive marketing campaign.

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